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Rooting Vibe Z Lenovo

Complete guide: Lenovo K910 Vibe Z (Kitkat, Root, GApps, International Lenovo Weather, Multilingual)

Hello all,
I am creating this thread quite simply because there does not seem to be one like it anywhere on the web.
Like many, I got my K910 with a custom Multilingual 4.2.2 rom that could not be updated and once i managed to root it using the classic CWM+SuperSu using ADB, the GPS of the device stopped working. So I browsed the internet for hours upon hours to find a solution allowing me to have the latest official rom, stable, rooted and with GApps.
Oddly enough, the simplest solution was the one that worked.

If you are starting with a locked bootloader and cannot seem to boot into recovery.img you should flash an unlocked qsb.
1. Download K910_SS_S_2_040_0109_131226.qsb  place it in sdfuse folder in storage.
Turn off the phone, press power + volume down to boot in recovery use option 4 to flash the qsb file
This will revert you back to 4.2.2 with an unlocked bootloader.

If your bo…


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